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A letter to our customers

June 15, 2016


Dear Color Clutch supporters and customers,

Two months ago we launched our brand new 14-bottle cases -- we were excited, you were excited, and our retail partners were excited. The cases were beautiful and we were all ready to get organized!

Then we started receiving feedback from a few customers that the foam insert wasn't holding up like our original blue and lilac cases. The foam insert would "sag" or bend when stored upright. That was definitely not the customer experience we were anticipating. I specifically designed the Color Clutch so that it would securely hold nearly any bottle of nail polish while beautifully displaying them through the clear window. As with our first cases, we were expecting glowing reviews on these new cases, but instead we were hearing that several customers were frustrated with how the case was holding up.

After a lot of investigation, talking to customers, and working closely with our manufacturer to determine what changed from the approved production samples, we are clear on one thing: the quality of this foam insert was below the standard we hold ourselves to, and therefore all customers should receive an upgraded foam insert for their Color Clutch as soon as humanly possible. Many of our customers have supported us since our Kickstarter campaign in 2014, and they have come to trust a high quality product from Color Clutch. I am writing this letter to say that you can continue to expect high quality cases from Color Clutch and we will not let this happen again.

For anyone who purchased one of our new black and white cases prior to May 10th, from either or any of our retail partners, I will personally send you new, upgraded foam inserts for your cases on July 5th. These upgraded inserts will automatically ship out to customers who purchased from If you purchased your Color Clutch from one of our retail partners, please send your name and mailing address to so we can ship new inserts to you.

Everything we do at Color Clutch is aimed at making our storage cases innovative, beautiful, and like nothing else on the market. We will keep working to fulfill this mission by always using the best quality components in our products.

If you have any questions or would like to send me feedback directly, please feel free to reach out to me at

Thank you for supporting Color Clutch and as always...happy organizing!

Katharine Contag
Founder & CEO


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