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#TuesdayTakeover featuring Sarah from @25sweetpeas!

#TuesdayTakeover featuring Sarah from @25sweetpeas!
Welcome to our weekly series: #TuesdayTakeover! Every Tuesday at noon ET we'll be featuring one of our favorite influencers on our Instagram Stories -- you'll get to hear from them directly! Curious to learn more? Go in depth with our one-on-one interview featured here on our blog. Keep reading for all the details!

Get to Know Sarah! 

Who is Sarah?

Sarah shares her obsession with nail polish, art and makeup as 25 Sweetpeas everywhere! When we say "everywhere" we really mean it: Sarah has a blog, YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and our personal favorite - Instagram!
Social media commitment #goals.
When her blog started in 2015, nails were EVERYTHING for the 25 Sweetpeas brand. More recently, Sarah has branched out beyond nails into the lifestyle and broader beauty realm, still with a big emphasis on nails. She loves it all!

Fun Fact?

We have Sarah's mom to thank for being the catalyst of 25 Sweetpeas! Sarah started her Instagram in late 2012 after Mama Sweetpeas kept showing Sarah cool nail designs and encouraging her to try them! Aren't moms the best?!
Sarah slowly started attempting nail art. She even remembers her first two designs - cupcakes and cheetah print. Those are still two good go-to designs! Once she got more comfortable with her nail art, she started posting the designs that she did in her free time on the weekends. She became more and more obsessed.

Favorite Mani Hack?

Sarah changes out her nail art a lot (almost every single day), so she has found that "the most important part is using a peel-off base coat." She says that a peel-off base makes removal easier and it's much less harmful on your nails and skin than using harsh remover all the time. PLUS, it makes stubborn glitter removal so much less frustrating.

If stuck on a deserted island, what two nail products would she need?

This question always stumps our Tuesday Takeover guests. Two products just isn't enough! After some thinking, Sarah was able to narrow it down to two products - a glass file and a top coat.
The file would be the absolute most important product to keep her nails from snagging on anything. Besides the nail file, a top coat is another essential. Sarah doesn't like being without some sort of polish on her nails, just for protection, so a top coat would be better than nothing!

Favorite polish finish?

Sarah most often gravitates toward creme polishes. "They allow for me to have a clean, pretty shade if used alone, and they can easily be jazzed up with some nail art." To keep her nails ever-changing, Sarah will wear a solid creme color for a day, then add some art the next day to change things up without having to completely re-do her nails. Genius!

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know Sarah!
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