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#TuesdayTakeover Featuring Heidi from @_sugarbunny_!

#TuesdayTakeover Featuring Heidi from @_sugarbunny_!
Welcome to our weekly series: #TuesdayTakeover! Tuesdays at noon ET we'll feature one of our favorite influencers on our Instagram Stories -- you'll get to hear from them directly! Curious to learn more? Go in depth with our one-on-one interview featured here on our blog. Keep reading for all the details! 

Get to know the lovely lady behind @_sugarbunny_!

Who is Heidi?

Heidi has an Instagram page where she shares her makeup and nail obsession! Our favorite thing she does on her Instagram is Mani Monday and Friday Lipstick Recap. On Mondays, Heidi posts a picture of her current nails and shares what she used to get the look. On Fridays, Heidi posts a picture of all of the lipsticks she used throughout the week and tells us about her favorites. These features of Heidi's are such a great way to hear about new products!

Fave mani/pedi color combos?

If Heidi's manicure has any kind of accent nail or color, she likes to make her toes match the accent color or design. This is a great way to tie your mani and pedi together and give them some simple cohesiveness!

Where does she get inspiration for her nail colors and nail art?

Everywhere from makeup palettes to video games to her fur babies! "This summer I've been drawing a lot of inspiration from the fun teal and blue makeup releases that are popular right now." Heidi has even done a manicure inspired by her favorite video game character - the Master Chief of Halo! One of our favorite inspired color combos of Heidi's is this KLPolish trio inspired by her stunning pup:

If stuck on a desert island, what two nail products would she need?

This was simple for Heidi - a nail file and a clear coat. "I imagine surviving on a desert island is nail-breaking work, so being able to even my nails out and protect them would be important." The basics are the basics for a reason! We have a feeling Heidi would do great on the show Survivor.


    We hope you've enjoyed getting to know Heidi!
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