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#TuesdayTakeover Featuring Melissa from @honeybee_nails!

#TuesdayTakeover Featuring Melissa from @honeybee_nails!
Welcome to our weekly series: #TuesdayTakeover! Every Tuesday at noon ET we'll be featuring one of our favorite influencers on our Instagram Stories -- you'll get to hear from them directly! Curious to learn more? Go in depth with our one-on-one interview featured here on our blog. Keep reading for all the details!

Get to know the lovely lady behind Honeybee Nails!


Who is Melissa?

Melissa is a Michigan gal who got started in the professional nail world in 2016 when she was offered an apprenticeship at a boutique salon in her area. The offer came from a local nail technician who saw her nail work on Instagram (shout out to Aleaah!). By May 2017, she had her nail tech license.
Currently, Melissa is doing nails from home for fun, and shares her art on Instagram, Facebook and her newly created blog!

How did she get into nails?

Melissa has been doing nail art as a hobby since she was a young teenager. "In middle school, I experimented with mixing polishes to get my desired color, using an ink pen to make dots on my nails and, of course, the ever popular white-out nails," she says. Who remembers those white-out nail days?!

In 2012 she joined Pinterest -- this opened her eyes to the whole nail polish community and the possibility of sharing her work online. 


Favorite mani hack?

The biggest game-changing hack she has learned is something from early on in her nail art adventure - the wonderful clean up brush. Melissa says, "I keep a small crystal dish on my nail desk and pour out a bit of acetone into it each time I sit down to do my nails." This makes it super easy to clean up any polish on her skin or pooled in her cuticle area. "All I have to do is dip my clean up brush into the acetone, swipe the effected area, and voila!"

Favorite mani/pedi color combos?

"I can appreciate those who like their finger and toe nails to match, but I'm too indecisive and I change my finger polish too often to worry about it!" -- #relatable.

Where does Melissa's inspiration come from?

She is often inspired by fellow nail artists and bloggers in the nail community. Other times, she is inspired by her students. Melissa is a certified elementary teacher specializing in quality after-school programming. Her kiddos mean the world to her and they are always filling her with inspiration!


We hope you've enjoyed getting to know Melissa!
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May 31, 2018 • Posted by Theresa

Melissa is not only a wonderful artist, she is an amazing friend ❤️

May 29, 2018 • Posted by Melissa

Thanks so much to Emily and the whole Color Clutch team for having me today!

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