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Three easy rules for storing your nail polish

Three easy rules for storing your nail polish

 3 tips for storing your nail polish

 Nail polish can be quite tricky to store—every brand has its own bottle & shape.  And we get it – storing your polish should be an afterthought.  But did you know the way you store your nail polish could actually spoil the life of the polish? In order to avoid this, we decided to simplify things and give you 3 easy rules for storing your nail polish.

  1. Store your polish upright

If you keep your polish in a bin under the sink, you probably have some polishes in there that are past their prime. Throwing polishes together can ruin the quality of the polish, especially if they are upside down in the bag or box you store them in.  When a nail polish bottle is stored on its side, the lacquer can dry up around the cap and cause the lacquer to separate and turn color.  You’ll end up spending more money in the long run on polish because of how much faster they are going to go “bad.” 

Store polish upright

  1. Store in a cool, dark place.

If you keep your polish in a case in the bathroom, please go rescue it! The humidity from the showers can wreak havoc on not only your polish but your makeup too. Instead, keep your polish in a closet or dresser to help with the longevity of your lacquer.  If you store your polish somewhere in your bedroom with direct sunlight, we recommend finding a location without so much sun.

Store your nail polish in a cool, dark place


  1. Store your polish so you can see it.

Finally, we recommend organizing your nail polishes in such a way so that it’s easy to see what colors are available – that way you’ll actually use your polish! Acrylic racks that can be mounted on the wall are an inexpensive alternative.  But for those wanting to keep their polish private or out of sight, Color Clutch has a clear lid that allows you to see your polish while still in the case.

Color Clutch

And that’s it!  Just three easy rules to keep your nail polish in top shape.  For more nail polish storage options, shop our store here.



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