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#TuesdayTakeover featuring Harli G.

#TuesdayTakeover featuring Harli G.

Welcome to our new weekly series: #TuesdayTakeover! Every Tuesday at noon ET we'll feature one of our favorite influencers on our Instagram Stories -- you'll get to hear from them directly! Curious to learn more? Go in depth with our one-on-one interview featured on our blog. Keep reading for all the details! 


Get to Know Harli G.

Who is Harli G?

She is a nail/beauty YouTuber and Instagramer where she shares nail tutorials, nail tips, makeup videos, and so much more. You can watch some of her beautiful nail art videos on her Instagram and even more on her YouTube!

Favorite mani hack?

The nail hack that Harli uses is really simple, but changed the game for her. Immediately after she applies topcoat she likes to apply cuticle oil to the polish and to the surrounding skin. It helps keep the drying mani un-smudged and adds an extra layer of protection!

If she was stuck on a desert island, what two nail products would she want with her?

This was any easy one for Harli! She would bring a base coat and cuticle oil. She says, “you can never go wrong with a healthy natural nail mani.” The base coat would provide her natural nails all the necessary protection for beach life and the cuticle oil will keep everything moisturized and healthy!

Where does she get inspiration for her nail colors or nail art?

Inspiration is everywhere for Harli! She gets most inspiration from plants. They help with color combinations and sometimes even patterned and floral ideas. Harli has shown how to create a bunch of floral designs on her Instagram!

Fun fact about Harli G?

Harli has about 100 plants in her house! Check out this YouTube video she made on her houseplant collection. She got her first one just months ago, but when she begins to like something she falls hard and becomes obsessed. “Plants and polish for life!”

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know Harli! Don't forget to show her some #ColorClutch love and follow her on Instagram!

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