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5 Easy Steps to Declutter your Nail Polish

5 Easy Steps to Declutter your Nail Polish


Earth Day is right around the corner -- which means it's the perfect time to put some Spring Cleaning energy into our polish stashes. I promise, it’s not as daunting as you may think and Color Clutch is here to help!

Here are some steps to follow to make your decluttering process easy:

1. Grab all your polishes... and don’t forget the ones in your Color Clutches!

Lay all of your polishes out on your floor and get comfy. Take note if you see that 2/3 of your collection is in the red color family. (Advice coming from personal experience).

2. Time to sort

Do you have any boxes laying around? If not, grab two pieces of paper and label one “keep” and the other “recycle.” Separate all your polishes between the “keep” and “recycle” boxes or papers.

Tip for deciding which to recycle – you know you have some polishes that haven’t been touched in a few months... maybe even years. Those should be the first to go! Only keep the colors that you truly enjoy wearing.

3. Organize

Let’s focus on the “keep” pile first. Categorize the polishes by color and/or brand. You can use our handy COLOR CODE feature to keep your polish organized by color. Check out our how-to video below:

4. Store them efficiently!

Nail polish lasts longer when stored upright in a cool, dark place. Remember not to store them in your bathroom – the temperature changes and humidity from your shower can wreck the formula of your polish quickly. Need a refresher on how to store your nail polish? Check out our 3 easy rules here.

5. Recycle

Don’t forget about that “recycle” pile. Throwing your polishes in the trash or down the sink is an environmental hazard and a contamination risk. Head to to find the closest reycling center to you.


What's your declutter strategy? Share in the comments below!



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