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The best way to recycle your nail polish (and it’s free!)

The best way to recycle your nail polish (and it’s free!)

Did you know that you can't throw nail polish in the trash? Many people don't realize this -- so we're on a mission to help us all take a bit better care of our planet.

You may have a bottle or two (or twenty!) of nail polish that you’re ready to throw away. Maybe the formula wasn’t great, maybe the color isn’t your favorite, or maybe you’re just trying to declutter your collection.

Whatever the reason, do not -- I repeat -- DO NOT -- throw your nail polish in the trash or pour it down the sink. Nail polish is categorized by the EPA as a household hazardous waste because it is flammable and can potentially contain toxins like toluene and formaldehyde. If disposed of improperly, nail polish could contaminate our water streams and adversely affect the wildlife. Because of this, nail polish must be disposed of at a local hazardous waste facility.

But it can be hard to find a hazardous waste facility near where you live – or one that’s open at a convenient time. Some even charge a fee to drop items off at their facility.


That’s where COLORCLUTCHX comes in: the world’s easiest nail polish recycling program. It’s fast, free, and reliable.

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All you need to do is order a free COLORCLUTCHX recycling bag on and ship it back to us with your unwanted nail polish. You automatically get 10% off your Color Clutch purchase when you order a COLORCLUTCHX recycling bag with your Color Clutch.


COLORCLUTCHX recycle your nail polish for free


Does it get any better than that?

Actually, it does. We're teaming up with nail brands to sweeten the deal. If you send us ten bottles of nail polish or more, we'll send you a coupon to buy new polish from some of your favorite brands. You read that right. Trade in your old polish, get rewarded, and then save money on your next nail polish purchase. Win-win-win!

Make a Date to Declutter:

So this weekend, make a plan to get organized and help our environment in the process. In your decluttering process, be sure to follow these 3 tips for storing your nail polish properly. Then, bundle up your unwanted polish and send it to us so we can recycle it responsibly.

You'll not only get a thank you from Color Clutch and many nail brands...but your planet will thank you too.

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Note: if you are a nail polish brand and would like to partner with us on this program, please email Katharine at

Happy organizing!

(Chief Lacquer Organizer)



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