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Color Code Tips!

Color Code Tips!

One of our favorite features of the Color Clutch – the Color Code!

Ready to turn your nail polish collection in to a lacquer library? With the Color Code feature on your Color Clutch, you can!

The Color Code feature allows you to swatch your colors along the side of your case so you can easily see what’s in your Color Clutch when the it’s standing upright on your shelf. (Yes, upright! Polish storage tips *here*). And don’t worry, if you ever want to reorganize or swap out a color, you can use acetone to safely remove the swatch and paint on a new color!

Not sure how to start your organization and swatching? Some awesome Color Clutch lovers are here to help! Let’s see how Steph, Zarra and Tyranni arrange their polishes and utilize their Color Codes:

Steph of @stephbeauty2112:

Steph says she loves the Color Clutch because she can see all of her colors "without even opening the box!”

She uses her case to store her KL Polishes. “I’ve been collecting KL Polish since Kathleen came out with her first couple of colors. I couldn’t figure out the best way to keep them all together and when I saw Color Clutch I was like ‘yes! That’s perfect!’.”

On top of organizing by brand, Steph has organized her colors by dark and light. The darker shades are on the top row and the lighter/pastel shades are on the bottom. This dark/light organization is reflected along the side of her Clutch in the Color Code area, as you can see above!

Zarra of @zhonukreeke:


Zarra was a winner of our #ColorClutch photo contest a few months ago with the first photo above! She impressed us with that incredible rainbow of polish colors. Zarra says she loves the look of organizing all her colors in rainbow order. "I start with beiges, then all the colors of the rainbow, then end with clear glitter lacquers."

Tyranni of @tyr_rae:

Tyranni is also a big fan of KL Polish. She owns almost the entire collection, but she didn't have a way to store them effectively. "I actually saw Kathleen Lights post about Color Clutch and I had to get some!" Tyranni now uses her Color Clutches to organize her KL Polishes by collection releases.

Tip from Tyranni: “I swatched two coats of each color since that’s what I always do on my nails.” This is a great point – it's best to swatch how you usually paint your nails in order to get an accurate color payoff.


Thank you so much to these lovely ladies for sharing their organization tips, Color Code tips and great photos!


Have they inspired you to get swatching?

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If you’d like a visual example on how the Color Code feature works, watch this 5-minute video for some expert advice on how to make the most of your Color Code. In a hurry? Fast forward to 0:45 to the tutorial!


Remember to show us your Color Code creations on Instagram with the hashtag #ColorClutch! You could win $25 toward your next Color Clutch purchase, just like Zarra!

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