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Clean stained nails in 60 seconds or less

Clean stained nails in 60 seconds or less

Time to switch out that deep red Valentine's Day manicure?  You might find that's easier said than done -- rich lacquer shades such as red, violet, and dark brown can leave polish stains on your nails even if you were wearing a base coat under your polish (and you always wear a base coat, right?).

Wipe away those stains in 3 easy steps (and in less than 60 seconds!).  All you need is a fresh lemon!

Step 1: Slice one lemon 

After removing your polish, check your fingers for any minor cuts.  If you have even just a small paper cut your finger will sting when coming in contact with lemon juice-- not fun!  Once you determine your fingers are ready, grab a fresh lemon and slice it in half, placing one half in a bowl.  This is the half of the lemon you'll use!  Save the other half in a sandwich ziplock bag and place in the refrigerator.

Step 2: Insert index finger in to the lemon 

Similar to how you use the Cutex Twist & Scrub nail polish remover, insert your finger in to the center of the lemon and twist your finger.  Do this for about 5 seconds, and then repeat for all 10 fingers.  If one finger has a deeper stain, spend a bit more time twisting in the lemon.  The citric acid from the lemon juice will break down and remove any polish stains.

Step 3: Wash hands with warm water & apply lotion 

Once all stains are removed, throw away the used lemon half and wash your hands in warm water.  Apply lotion to seal in moisture and then start dreaming up your next manicure shade! :)

Let us know in the comments below if you try this technique at home!



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