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Behind the Curtain of a Well-Manicured Marketing Machine

Behind the Curtain of a Well-Manicured Marketing Machine


The #ColorClutch Crew spent this past Thursday, May 17, learning, growing and meeting a group of amazing women in the Tampa Bay area with a mutual passion for entrepreneurship, thanks to the SharpHeels Small Business Summit! 

We attended panel discussions and workshops all day, PLUS our very own CLO (Chief Lacquer Organizer), Katharine, was a panelist in a Marketing and Branding discussion!

To give you guys a sneak peek into the brain of Color Clutch, we’re going to share some of the internal mechanisms that have kept our well-manicured machine running.

If you’re interested in business, marketing, branding, or you’re just curious to learn some inside scoop about Color Clutch, here are some of the insights we shared at Thursday’s SharpHeels Summit:

How did you build your business branding and marketing plan?

Growth happened organically at first. Katharine’s (aka founder boss lady’s) friends were interested in the nail organizer she created on her kitchen floor, so she set up some focus groups with her friends to clarify their wants/needs, price range, and design preferences.

That market research narrowed down the strategy and got Katharine to the point of launching a Kickstarter campaign to test the market and fund the first purchase order. That fateful Kickstarter campaign ended up raising $16,000. Katharine knew she was on to something good!

How do you use social media for your business?

Main social goal: build a community! We aim to create content that our customers and target market really need and will want to share: mani tips, influencer spotlights and cool nail art.

We also aim to support our #ColorClutch community and the nail community as a whole. We highlight influencers (no matter how big or small), offer giveaways, give shoutouts and encourage our community to share our product through unique hashtags.

Do you have a dedicated person for marketing, social, and PR?

Yes! As our business has grown, we have been able to hire a rockstar young woman to manage our social channels, influencer outreach and email marketing. Emily started working with us as an intern, and she was so awesome that we pooled together our budget so we could work with her on a part-time basis.

Emily and Katharine collaborate on ideas, then Emily executes the design and logistics. This kind of delegation of tasks and expansion is a crucial step in growing a small business.

How have your marketing programs and tools evolved since you started?

Katharine used to manage everything herself – Instagram, email marketing, social media marketing, etc – which is a full-time job in itself. Even though it was extremely consuming, it birthed Color Clutch’s distinct “voice.”

As we take on more marketing initiatives, we’ve started to use some tools to help us manage everything. Some of our favorites: Planoly, Buffer, Adespresso and MailChimp

What do you use for your emails/newsletter and lead capture?

We use MailChimp. MailChimp is great because it is easy to use, you can scale it with your business, it has a great customer support team, it has everything you need for web pop-up lead capture and it allows you to segment your list to best target your campaigns.

We use Canva to supplement email campaigns manage our creative assets like web banners, email photos and blog posts. It’s a very inexpensive and easy-to-use, cloud-based program. Much less daunting than Photoshop!

Some final thoughts..

We had an absolute blast at the SharpHeels Small Business Summit! We hope you have learned something new and interesting from reading and following along our visit to the conference. 

Are you curious for even more background info on Color Clutch? You can find more of the Color Clutch origin story here

Thanks for following along! If you want to join in on the fun, use code SHARPHEELS for 15% off your order now through 5/25/18.  

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